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List, list, list! A Gaming list, that is

I don’t usually do such things but this one seems like fun. Made me chuckle, made me think. Enjoy! 1. Very first video game Hmm, that would be Amiga 500 days. Not sure tho which one was first. I know I […]

Misleading Advertisements of Video Games

This post was originally published at SAPPHIRE Nation In the gaming industry, fans can be attracted in any number of ways. However, game trailers remain the most effective of them. You make an interesting video – bait, hook and bingo, […]

5 best video game trailers of all times

This post was originally published at SAPPHIRE Nation Imagine you are the CEO of a big dev studio. You’ve made a game. Now it’s time to make a trailer to sell the product and hook potential new clients. You want […]

The Music of Video Games – Jesper Kyd

As the evolution of games has been rapid and complex, so too has it been with game soundtracks. Somewhere along the way, something extraordinary happened – game scores grew into standalone creations that could no longer be dismissed as mere […]

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