The Game Awards 2017

The Game Awards are without a doubt one of the biggest award shows in the gaming industry. They dominated the scene and turned the award ceremony into a show that is not only about the developers, but also – mainly? – about celebrating games. Is it a good thing? Yes. Is this pop culture approach entertaining? Hell yeah, it’s like Oscars of gaming. I really enjoy this format and I think it is really helping with normalizing and mainstreaming the gaming industry even further. But we’re not here to discuss that.

I fully agree with TGA’s statement: “The Game Awards recognizes and upholds creative and technical excellence in the global video game industry. We bring together a diverse group of game players, game developers, and notable names from popular culture to celebrate and advance gaming’s position as the most immersive, challenging and inspiring form of entertainment.” With a rich experience and award shows that can serve as inspiration and lessons (more about it in Video Game Awards – now and then), Geoff Keighley managed to produce a show that is simply entertaining and funny. And all those exclusives that we get? Early Xmas presents for me. Guy’s a genius when it comes to social media presence too. All hail lord Geoff <3

Anyway, The Games Awards 2017 did not disappoint this year either. It was as always nice, entertaining, full of twists and goodies, but what stood out for me was the orchestra… What they did was amazing, I really liked their performances. And the way of introducing the nominees as a medley? Loved it!

What’s new, pussycat?

TGA are full of exclusive material, announcements and flavors. What did we get this year?

Witchfire. Damn you, Astronauts <3 This is yuuuge and totally unexpected. Rooting for this one!

Vacation Simulator is coming. It’s hilarious, I love it.

Bayonetta 3 for Switch. Whut? Time to get Switch

Shadows Die Twice. What? Is that teaser of a teaser of a trailer or what?

In the Valley of Gods. This one got me soooo excited. It looks really cool and feeds on my inner nerd. I really liked the trailer and the song is on the loop on my player all day.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Champion’s Ballad – Expansion Pass. I’m not getting Zelda, doesn’t matter how cool it looks like! And you can have your Game Director waving a sword on the stage or pouring his soul out feeding on my love for Japanese language, but I am not getting it! Meanwhile, anyone knows any good deals for Zelda out there? Asking for a friend…

Soul Calibur VI – errrr, not sure what I think about this one.

A Way Out. An interesting game but Josef Fares, the director of the game, delivered the most awkward moment of the show, which you can check out here. I’d not want to be in Geoff’s shoes at that point. What the hell, Josef 😀

World War Z. Errr, nope. Not my kind of thing.

GTFO. How about no?

This is what I came here for

Nope, I did not miss that one announcement, but it deserves it’s own paragraph. We hoped. We Come on, we knew something is cooking. Norman Reedus, Benicio Del Toro AND Hideo Kojima at one show? Just as presenters? Yeah, right, give me a break… 😉 I just knew it’s going to be there. And I was right. One of the longest trailers ever. So weird, so good. Is it even a trailer? Looks like the actual game intro. And if I didn’t think Kojima is a genius until now, this would do it for me. Visually this was very beautiful, it gets me even more hyped for the game.

The biggest announcement of them all, 3rd trailer for Death Stranding, with adorable appearance at the stage by Hideo and Norman at the end. I ship it, I ship it hard. Not done with this trailer yet, but this has to do for now:

And the awards go to…

This is an award show, so list of all the nominees. Winners in purple, my comments below each category.

Game of The Year
Recognizing a game that delivers the absolute best experience across all creative and technical fields.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – PUBG Corp.

Persona 5 – Atlus

Horizon Zero Dawn – Guerrilla Games / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Comment: My picks were PUBG and Horizon. Really good games that resonated well with fans and got a huge following. Horizon is “pretty”, PUBG is not quite there yet but works on it. Don’t get me wrong, Zelda is ok, but… Grats anyway, really happy for you, Nintendo. You won me over with the way your developers, Hidemaro Fujibayashi and Eiji Aonuma, reacted to receiving this award. I might have been salty it wasn’t one of my picks getting it, but seeing such joy and happiness makes it easier to deal with. I like seeing people happy and reacting to such thing with passion, it’s nice 🙂  


Best Game Direction
Awarded to a game studio for outstanding creative vision and innovation in game direction and design.

Wolfenstein II – MachineGames / Bethesda

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Capcom

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Horizon Zero Dawn – Guerrilla Games / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Comment: Horizon was my pick. I hate Resident Evil, I don’t play Mario and I’m neutral about Zelda. I don’t dislike that game but does it deserve that much recognition? Is it THAT good? 


Best Narrative
For outstanding storytelling and narrative development in a game.

What Remains of Edith Finch – Giant Sparrow / Annapurna Interactive

NieR: Automata – Platinum Games / Square Enix

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Ninja Theory

Wolfenstein II – MachineGames / Bethesda

Horizon Zero Dawn – Guerrilla Games / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Comment: I had a problem with this one. I’d say that all games minus Wolfenstein deserved this award so I was going to be happy about anyone winning it. Grats to Edith!


Best Art Direction
For outstanding creative and/or technical achievement in artistic design and animation.

Destiny 2 – Bungie/Activision

Cuphead – Studio MDHR

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Persona 5 – Atlus

Horizon Zero Dawn – Guerrilla Games / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Comment: Destiny 2 or Horizon. Those games impressed me the most and I wished them well. I would be ok with Zelda winning this one too. The one I thought that deserves it the least was Cuphead…


Best Score/Music
For outstanding music, inclusive of score, original song and/or licensed soundtrack.

Destiny 2 – Bungie/Activision

Cuphead – Studio MDHR

NieR: Automata – Platinum Games / Square Enix

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Persona 5 – Atlus

Comment: Where’s Assassin’s Creed Origins? Where’s Horizon? Not fully confident with the choices made for nominations. But I hoped NieR or Destiny 2 will take the award. I got what I wished for, GG NieR! 


Best Audio Design
Recognizing the best in-game audio and sound design.

Destiny 2 – Bungie/Activision

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Ninja Theory

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Capcom

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Comment: I was rooting for Destiny 2 and Hellblade on this one, so yeah, happy bunny! 


Best Performance
Awarded to an individual for voice-over acting, motion and/or performance capture.

Melina Juergens, Hellblade as Senua

Laura Bailey, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy as Nadine Ross

Claudia Black, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy as Chloe Frazer

Brian Bloom, Wolfenstein II as BJ Blazkowicz

Ashly Burch, Horizon: Zero Dawn As Aloy

Comment: Oh boy, I had a real problem with this one. I really like this category and I think it is amazing what these people are able to create. I still think we are not giving the voice/motion capture actors enough recognition. They make the characters we love so much. I agree with every word Andy Serkiss said while presenting the award.  I also really like Brian, but this category belongs to the ladies who absolutely rocked this year! I was going to be happy with any winner but Ashly was standing out for me on that list. Nevertheless, big grats to Melina! She was really cool in her acceptance speech. Well deserved award!


Games for Impact
For a thought provoking game with a profound pro-social meaning or message.

Please Knock on My Door – Levall Games

Night in the Woods – Infinite Fall

Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Deck Nine / Square Enix

Bury Me, My Love – The Pixel Hunt/Figs, ARTE

What Remains of Edith Finch – Giant Sparrow / Annapurna Interactive

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Ninja Theory

Comment: I love this category. I wish we could award all games nominated!


Best Ongoing Game
Awarded to a game for outstanding development of ongoing content that evolves the player experience over time.

Warframe – Digital Extremes

Rainbow Six: Siege – Ubisoft Montreal / Ubisoft

Overwatch – Blizzard

Grand Theft Auto Online – Rockstar Games

Destiny 2 – Bungie/Activision

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – PUBG Corp.

Comment: My pick was Overwatch! Honestly, other games are good, but Overwatch beats them, anytime. I don’t think any of the other nominated games can match Blizzard’s efforts to show love to the gamers. I would riot if the winner was something else. OK, Destiny is cool and PUBG is gaining a momentum, but they are still not “there”. GTA is GTA. Rainbow 6 is not my thing and WTF is Warframe?? 


Best Mobile Game
For the best game playable on a dedicated mobile device.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Intelligent Systems/Nintendo

Super Mario Run – Nintendo

Old Man’s Journey – Broken Rules

Monument Valley 2 – ustwo games

Hidden Folks – Adriaan de Jongh / Sylvain Tegroeg

Comment: I was rooting for Hidden Folks. That game is pure entertainment, but I am happy for Monument Valley too. I haven’t played it yet but looks really nice.


Best Handheld Game
For the best game playable on a dedicated portable gaming system.

Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World – Good-Feel / Nintendo

Monster Hunter Stories – Marvelous / Nintendo

Metroid: Samus Returns – MercurySteam / Nintendo

Ever Oasis – Grezzo / Nintendo

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia – Intelligent Systems/Nintendo

Comment: PC Race Master Race but grats, Nintendo, for winning over Nintendo 😉


Best VR/AR Game
For the best game experience playable in virtual or augmented reality, irrespective of platform.

Superhot VR – SUPERHOT Team

Star Trek: Bridge Crew – Red Storm Entertainment / Ubisoft

Lone Echo / Echo Arena – Ready at Dawn / Oculus Studios

Farpoint – Impuse Gear / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Capcom

Comment: I was rooting for Star Trek. Resident Evil won? Meh


Best Action Game
For the best game in the action genre focused on combat.

Prey – Arkane / Bethesda

Nioh – Team Ninja / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Destiny 2 – Bungie/Activision

Cuphead – Studio MDHR

Wolfenstein II – MachineGames / Bethesda

Comment: I thought this one will defo go to Destiny because there is no real competition here… 


Best Action/Adventure Game
For the best action/adventure game, combining combat with traversal and puzzle solving.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Naughty Dog / Sony Interactive Ent

Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Ubisoft Montreal / Ubisoft

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Horizon Zero Dawn – Guerrilla Games / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Comment: I’m not going to even comment on how ridiculous it is for Zelda to win over Origins, Uncharted or even Horizon. Like…how?? 


Best Role Playing Game
For the best game designed with rich player character customization and progression, including massively multiplayer experiences.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Ubisoft San Francisco / Ubisoft

Final Fantasy XV – Square-Enix Business Division 2 / Square-Enix

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Larian Studios

NieR: Automata – Platinum Games / Square Enix

Persona 5 – Atlus

Comment: I dislike South Park and after mobile version of FFXV I’m not a fan of series either. I was hoping for NieR but grats to Persona 5 as well. 


Best Fighting Game
For the best game designed primarily around head-to-head combat.

Tekken 7 – Bandai Namco Studios / Bandai Namco Entertainment

Nidhogg 2 – Messhof Games

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite – Capcom

Injustice 2 – NetherRealm Studios / Warner Bros. Interactive Ent

ARMS – Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

Comment: My expertise when it comes to fighting games ends up with Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, so for me it was “they nominated Marvel? Marvel it is then.” How can you NOT love it? It’s hilarious and you can punch some of your favorite heroes. Instead, Injustice 2 won, which will cause silent days in my household. I’m a huge Marvel fan, Mr is DC fan. This will cause a war…


Best Family Game
For the best game appropriate for family play, irrespective of genre or platform.

Splatoon 2 – Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

Sonic Mania – PagodaWest Games + Headcannon / Sega

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Ubisoft Paris + Milan / Ubisoft

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Nintendo EAD / Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Comment: The amount of Mario in this category is too damn high so I was rooting for Splatoon. Meh… 


Best Strategy Game
Best game focused on real time or turn-based strategy gameplay, irrespective of platform.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – Firaxis Games / 2K

Tooth and Tail – Pocketwatch Games

Total War: Warhammer II – Creative Assembly / Sega

Halo Wars 2 – Creative Assembly + 343 / Microsoft Studios

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Ubisoft Paris + Milan / Ubisoft

Comment: Really now? Like…Really?? Mario and magic rabbids are now better than Warhammer? THE Warhammer? How?!?!


Best Sports/Racing Game 
For the best traditional and non-traditional sports and racing game.

Project Cars 2 – Slightly Mad Studios / Bandai Namco Entertainment

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 – PES Productions / Konami

NBA 2K18 – Visual Concepts / 2K Sports

GT Sport – Polyphony Digital / Sony Intetactive Entertainment

Forza Motorsport 7 – Turn 10 Studios / Microsoft Studios

FIFA 18 – EA Vancouver / EA

Comment: Please don’t choose FIFA… Please don’t choose FIFA… Yay! 

Most Anticipated Game Presented by McCafé
Awarded to an upcoming game that has shown significant ambition and promise. Title must be announced and scheduled for release after December 7, 2017.

The Last of Us Part II Naughty Dog / Sony Interactive Ent.

Red Dead Redemption II – Rockstar Games

Monster Hunter: World – Capcom

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Insomniac Games / Sony Interactive Ent.

God of War – Santa Monica Studio / Sony Interactive Ent

Comment: I was excited for them all, apart from Spider-Man, so me happy! 


Best Independent Game
For outstanding creative and technical achievement in a game made outside the traditional publisher system.

Pyre – Supergiant Games

Night in the Woods – Infinite Fall

Cuphead – Studio MDHR

What Remains of Edith Finch – Giant Sparrow / Annapurna Interactive

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Ninja Theory

Comment: How this one happened – is beyond me. Cuphead. Over Edith or Hellblade. Or even Pyre. What am I missing here?


Best Student Game
Awarded the best student project created at the high school or college level.

Meaning – Hariz Yet; DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore

Level Squared – Kip Brennan, Stephen Scoglio, Dane Perry Svendsen; Swinburne University of Technology

Impulsion – Hugo Verger, Rémi Bertrand, Maxime Lupinski; IIM – Institut de l’Internet et du Multimédia

Falling Sky – Jonathan Nielssen, Nikolay Savov, Mohsen Shah; National Film and Television School

Hollowed – Erin Marek, Jerrick Flores, Charley Choucard; University of Central Florida – Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy

From Light – Faffinabout; University of Southern California

Comment: Haven’t seen any of them, loving all the info I got so far about them, really happy to see so many really nice ideas! All of those nominated are winners for me.  


Trending Gamer
For a streamer, influencer or media member who has made an important impact on the industry this calendar year.

Steven Spohn – AbleGamers

Mike Grzesiek – Shroud

Guy Beahm – Dr. Disrepect

Clint Lexa – “Halfcoordinated”

Andrea Rene – What’s Good Games

Comment: I sorted those 5 from the one I like the most to the one I enjoy the least. Andrea was #1. She is cool, I like her. There was, like, 1,2,3,4, noooothing, 5. Who was #5 for me? The winner… 


Best Esports Game
For the game that has delivered the best overall eSports experience to players (inclusive of tournaments, community support and content updates), irrespective of genre or platform.

Rocket League – Psyonix

League of Legends – Riot

DOTA2 – Valve

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Valve

Overwatch – Blizzard

Comment: Hmm, who should I choose… Ok, all are spectacular in their own unique way and I love what they are doing to esports, but there is only one winner here and if you don’t know yet who I was rooting for, you must be new here. Overwatch! Let’s just make one thing clear, TGA – please make up your mind about how you spell “esports” because you used two different ways in one category. I’ll let an expert speak – clicky clicky!


Best Esports Player, presented by Omen by HP
The eSports player judged to be the most outstanding performer in 2017, irrespective of game.

Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi – Team Liquid, DOTA 2

Je-hong “ryujehong” Ryu – Seoul Dynasty, Overwatch

Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovac – FaZE Clan, Counter-Strike: GO

Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David – SK Gaming, Counter-Strike: GO

Lee sang-hyeok “Faker” – SK Telecom 1, League of Legends

Comment: eSports…eSports! And where’s Rogue, Miracle, UNiVeRsE? And Faker as winner? Meh…Out of those 5 I was defo rooting for KuroKy. 


Best Esports Team
The eSports team judged to be the most outstanding for performance in 2017, inclusive of multi-team organizations.

Team Liquid

SK Telecom 1


FaZe Clan


Comment: torn between Team Liquid and Cloud9, I was rooting for both of them. So in this case I’m happy. 


Best Debut Indie Game, presented by Schick Hydro
Recognizing a new independent studio that released its first game in 2017. Winner selected by fan voting.

Slime Rancher – Monomi Park

Mr. Shifty – Team Shifty

Hollow Knight – Team Cherry

Golf Story – Sidebar Games

Cuphead – Studio MDHR

Comment: What is so special in Cuphead? Maybe I am missing something here and I’m hating on that game because of ignorance? There has to be something I missed if it won over Knight or Rancher… Help? 


Best Chinese Game
A fan-voted award to recognize the most popular game in China, as judged by The Game Awards viewers in China.

Monument Valley 2– ustwo

jx3 HD – Kingsoft Corporation

Gumballs – QcPlay Limited

ICEY – FantaBlade Network

King Of Glory – Timi Studio Group

Comment: Can’t help you here, obviously. The only game here that I know is Monument Valley and it is really nice. Grats to the winners!


Overall, I am happy that I didn’t bet on the winners, I would be very disappointed. I’m happy for the games that won and I can’t help but already hope for a good show next year. The Game Awards are one of the top shows for me within the gaming industry and hats off to creators for creating something really entertaining. See you next year, TGA!

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