SC2 – WCS finals, R032-Ro4

The beauty of e-sport is hidden for someone, who is not following the genre. But trust me, it’s there and it is one of the most gorgeous sports – even if virtual – in the world. I just love the spirit of tournaments and I absolutely love to watch them. And having been to some of them actually, all I can say is it’s even better when you watch it live. And those crowds! It’s really hard to describe it, you just have to feel it.

But why would you watch someone else playing the game? Well, let me just post this as answer. Someone likes to watch football. I like to watch e-sports. Deal with it. Anyway, since I am a big fan of both e-sports and SC2, I couldn’t miss World Championship Series. Especially the finals.

Even tho this year’s WCS seemed to be partially going as expected, the surprise factor was – luckily – stil there. Ro32 was pretty interesting and Dual Tournament mode is fun to watch. No surprises there tho – I would be shocked if people like Polt, Hydra or Jaedong didn’t make it to the Ro16.

So, in group A Polt won 2-0, Petraeus came in as second with 2-1 and those two made it to the next round. Group B was owned by Hydra (2-0) and elfi secured 2nd place (2-1). In group C there could be just one winner – Jaedong (who seemed to struggle only with ShoWTimE, but recovered pretty quick), but Sen was not far behind. Group D saw MarineLorD at the first place and iagus at second. Group E gave the access to the next rounds to GunGFuBanDa and Lilbow, while in group F – to ForGG and Zanster. Group G was lucky for Snute and Hitman, group H – for MaNa and viOlet.

Tournament then moved to Katowice, Poland.
Official schedule of the event:
1.Tuesday, September 8, 18:00 CEST: Group A (match one, match two, and winners match) and Group B (match one, match two, and winners match)
2. Wednesday, September 9, 18:00 CEST: Group C (match one, match two, and winners match) and Group D (match one, match two, and winners match)
3. Thursday, September 10, 16:00 CEST: Groups A, B, C, and D (losers match and deciding matches)
4. Saturday, September 12, 15:00 CEST: Quarterfinals
5. Sunday, September 13, 15:00 CEST: Semifinals and grand final

Does this btw mean that Poland becomes a permanent spot on the map of e-gaming? Hopefully, the landmark is already there, with IEMs and now WCS plus best crowd in the world.

What, I’m biased about the crowd? Well, let’s ask ReDeYe, shall we?
Everyone works hard at every event, but there was a spark here like at no other event we have produced. An edge, if you like. Something that made them all work longer and harder and better than ever before to deliver a fantastic experience for those who turned up and tuned in.There was a significant reason for this: the crowd.

I’ve traveled the world in the last 12 years, witnessing first-hand the crowds that turn up to eSports events. At some, they are polite, while at others they can be noisy, passionate or restrained. In some, we have had football style chants (hi, Brazil!) and in Sweden it’s obvious they are in love with their games, but in Poland we had all of that at the same time, and, bolstered by their sheer numbers, they cheered every frag, every kill, every shot, every hook, every drop and every GG. Whether they knew the game or not, they cheered. Loudly.

And, when I mingled with the crowd to soak up the atmosphere as I did at least once a day, they were polite, pleasant, funny and appreciative as well as being more excited than a five year old on Christmas morning.” Source: here.

So, best crowd deserves the best games, don’t you agree? And players delivered.


Group A was about Zanster vs MaNa and MarineLorD vs elfi, with winners match between Zanster and MarineLorD. With 1-1 on the board, Zanster showed that zerging is not always about zerging, it’s about consistency, taking first ticket to the next round.

Group B – Petraeus had no competition vs GunGFuBanDa, while in other game Snute owned Sen in first match in 3 minutes. OP banelings? You can watch this game here, after all, 3 minutes victory? GG, Snute, 8 out of 8 experts can’t be wrong. Sen recovered in round two, but Snute won third round, which meant he met Petraeus in the winners match. Am I the only one, by the way, thinking that Petraeus always looks like he just cried? Don’t cry, man, your skills just got you a 2-1 win and a ticket to next round.

Group C started with a twist, Elazer sent Hydra to defensive stance and won 2-1, just to meet Polt in winners match. Polt won 2-1 over viOlet, who seemed to have lost the spirit after winning round 1. Winners match was no surprise, Elazer lost.

Waaaait a minute…Elazer?? But…but, Hitman was second in Group G in Ro32?? Yes, he was, but he couldn’t make it due to personal reasons and Elazer took his spot as runner up.

Group D was even bigger surprise than group C. Pure poetry, you have to watch it yourself. Lilbow owned Jaedong in a beautiful style, just to meet ForGG, who in 2-0 style won over iaguz. If there is one match you can watch, watch Lilbow and Jaedong. Also, a taste of things to come? Hint hint. Lilbow went on to win over ForGG and became the last person to enter Ro8.


First match of this round we saw was between GunGFuBanDa and Zanster. With 3-1 on the scoreboard, Zanster became the first one to advance to Ro4.

What about Hydra vs Lilbow? Lilbow seemed to be already sent back home by Hydra when the score was 0-2, but this is SC2, this is where you never say never. I’m not sure what happened there but Lilbow not only recovered – he kicked Hydra‘s ass, while crowd went wild. This is why we love e-sports! Amazing show by Lilbow. 3 straight wins! Welcome to next round, sir.

ForGG vs Polt was something I waited for. Terrans need skills to win and those two have the skills fosho. Plus I have a soft spot for Polt due to his friendly behavior and ever since – thanks to him – we got rid of diva NaNiWa during IEM 2014. Thanks, man <3 Anyway, the game was a close one but Polt is like a shark. He waits, observes, bites, pulls back and waits for your mistake. And I really like sharks. But ForGG seems to be learning fast. As much as I like Polt, he seemed to have no chance – whenever you thought ForGG just can’t get any better – he did take it to the next level. Sorry, Polt, this time ForGG earned – in style – his spot in the next round.

MaNa vs Petraeus seemed to be sorted early. With 2-0 it looked like smooth sailing to victory for Petraeus . But just like with Lilbow vs Jaedong, you don’t say “it’s done” until it actually IS done. And nobody puts the homeboy in the corner. Round three and we are at 2-1. Can MaNa win? Well, Polish crowd said yes, MaNa delivered. In absolutely gorgeous style, MaNa won and just look at the reaction of the crowd:

Ro4 is about to start as I am writing these words. We will see Zanster vs Lilbow and MaNa vs ForGG. Who will win? I am hoping for a fascinating grand final.


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