Interview with Chris Sigaty

Don’t you just love those short deadlines. A phone call with “you have an interview in 3 days” is something that really boosts the creativity!

20 cups of coffee and 1 sleepless night later I came up with a long list of questions I’d love to ask any of the SC2 devs. It is always the problem for me – 20 minutes is both very long and very short. So imagine you come up with 20 questions – if your guest answers with “yes” and “no” – you will be done in 5 minutes. But if they have a lot to say, you can land 5, 6, maybe 7 questions. How to choose the best one? How to know when to switch to another subject?

Well, this was not my problem in this case, as I was the one working behind the scenes. Sadly, because the guest we had this time was amazing.

This time at and we had a chance to talk with Chris Sigaty, lead producer of StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm and a main reason for me abusing the coffee machine while preparing the questions. Blizzard employees are known for not spilling too much unless they really want to, but we got some really cool info from Chris nevertheless. Check it out!


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