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EU Road to BlizzCon 2015 – Prague

We are a month away from one of the biggest events for Blizzard fans – BlizzCon 2015. And since esports are an integral part of it, you can’t miss the part of preparations for the clash of the titans. This […]

Interview with Chris Sigaty

Don’t you just love those short deadlines. A phone call with “you have an interview in 3 days” is something that really boosts the creativity! 20 cups of coffee and 1 sleepless night later I came up with a long […]

SC2 – WCS finals, R032-Ro4

The beauty of e-sport is hidden for someone, who is not following the genre. But trust me, it’s there and it is one of the most gorgeous sports – even if virtual – in the world. I just love the […]

SC2 WCS – Ro4, finals, summary.

You can read the review of earlier matches here. Yesterday’s games were a lot of fun and entertainment, but nothing raises the temperature like semi- and finals. Today it’s time for Zanster vs Lilbow and MaNa vs ForGG. Ready? Ro4! First match […]

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