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Avengers: Infinity War – the guessing game

With a month to go before the release of Avengers: Infinity War the fan theories are rocking the internet. Marvel recently released new set of posters for the movie and the teasing just got serious. Who will die? Where are the stones? What will […]

IEM 2018

There are certain events that you simply can’t miss. You will do whatever it takes to see them, follow or attend. For some it’s the Oscars, for some it’s the ComicCon. Whatever floats your boat. For me there are 3 events […]

Game Ratings – Do They Work?

Like it or not, rating systems like PEGI or ESRB have become a part of gaming and are here to stay. With politicians calling for more restricted access to games, and gamers and parents more and more liberal, are the […]

The Game Awards 2017

The Game Awards are without a doubt one of the biggest award shows in the gaming industry. They dominated the scene and turned the award ceremony into a show that is not only about the developers, but also – mainly? – […]

BlizzCon 2017

Three weeks have passed since BlizzCon 2017 and I’m still not fully done with it. I often find myself going back to VoDs and I feel like I’m there again. Could be because I am a huge Blizzard fan, could […]

The Awesome Hideo Kojima

This text was originally published at SapphireNation You might not have played the games he made, nor have watched his trailers, but you’ve definitely heard the name: Hideo Kojima. Is he a genius, a visionary or an overhyped developer? So […]

List, list, list! A Gaming list, that is

I don’t usually do such things but this one seems like fun. Made me chuckle, made me think. Enjoy! 1. Very first video game Hmm, that would be Amiga 500 days. Not sure tho which one was first. I know I […]

David vs Goliath – Tootthie vs Computers

I should have known something is wrong. Goliath just wasn’t himself lately. He was often late, some things seemed to fully absorb him. He would focus so hard on one thing only that he would just freeze and refuse to […]

Misleading Advertisements of Video Games

This post was originally published at SAPPHIRE Nation In the gaming industry, fans can be attracted in any number of ways. However, game trailers remain the most effective of them. You make an interesting video – bait, hook and bingo, […]

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