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Linguistic WTF moments, part…I lost count

Aluminium, a chemical element with symbol Al and atomic number 13. Production process patented under name Aluminium by Charles Martin Hall, advertised by him as Aluminum. British: Aluminium American: Aluminum Patent, British: pay-tent American: pah-tent. Is Aluminium something different TO […]

Language rant

I will not rage over the mix up of “your” and “you’re”… I will not rage over the mix up of “your” and “you’re”… AAARRGGGHHH! Days since last accident: 0. I will not rage over the mix up of “your” […]

You can’t make everyone happy

Recent events made me realize something. Quite a lot actually. I’m not here to please everyone. It’s impossible, especially without feedback. Sometimes you just need to move on, say goodbye. Realizing that makes life way more easier, it also makes […]

My life with an editor

The work that I do requires me to use editors – people who proof read my ramblings, people who make sure I make sense. I’m fine with that, in fact I find it very useful – it’s really hard to […]

Hold the door!

So I decided to fit in a lock into my doors. Easy job, you buy a lock and you fit it in, right? WRONG! Turns out there are different sizes of the whole thingie you put into the doors. Somehow […]

For Exposure!

Oh clients from hell, I could write a book about it. Here’s the latest chapter. me: …and this is why editing a table is problematic, all rows move. It’s easy to cross out a row on the paper but it […]

PC gone mad

If you’re having problem with non-PC Halloween dresses, I feel bad for you son, we have 99+ problems and you really think this is one? When I was 7yo, I read a book about Indians. Sorry, Native Americans. It changed […]

Don’t hate the masses, hate the extremes

This year, for the third time in a row, I decided to spend holidays in a Muslim country. And for the third time in a row I was amazed by hospitality, kindness and tolerance of my hosts. On the picture […]

Eindhoven Airport

I feel it is necessary to say that I did not drink or smoke anything that could interfere with my perception of reality before any of the events described in this post took place. We clear about it? Ok, so […]

Bohemian like me

This sums me up perfectly. Go me. Cooking while listening to music – check. Random Bohemian Rhapsody on the player – check. Singing along – check. Headbanging – check. Air guitar solo in the middle of the kitchen – check. […]

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