Linguistic WTF moments, part…I lost count

Aluminium, a chemical element with symbol Al and atomic number 13. Production process patented under name Aluminium by Charles Martin Hall, advertised by him as Aluminum.

British: Aluminium
American: Aluminum
British: pay-tent
American: pah-tent.
Is Aluminium something different TO Aluminum for British or is Aluminum something different FROM Aluminium for Americans? Does it matter what was written on the pay-pah-tent?
And let’s not forget that “lieutenant” is pronounced “loo-ten-ent” by Americans and “lef-ten-ent” by Brits. Today I also discovered that “Leicester” and “Lester” are not two different places as I thought for 30 years, you pronounce “Leicester” as “Lester.” My life has been a lie. Like “lie-sester”.

Just remember next time you laugh at foreigner’s pronunciation, that there is a fair chance that they learn-ed/t (British learnt, American learned) the word by reading it and there might be a different way if saying it somewhere in the world. And the more you read, the more open minded you are. And more confused. And you care less.

But it’s still ‘you’re’, not ‘your’, you savages. And theyr’re is not a word.

From the comments section on FB:

Another good 1 is Leominster, it is pronounced Lemster and Launceston is pronounced Lahnsen…and the rare and ancient surname Cholomondeley is pronounced Chumley…

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