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I will not rage over the mix up of “your” and “you’re”…
I will not rage over the mix up of “your” and “you’re”…
Days since last accident: 0.
I will not rage over the mix up of “your” and “you’re”…

You have this beautiful language called English. Universal language that will get you by in UK and Nepal. In Warsaw and Beijing, in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Language of Willie the Shaking Spear, Conan Doyle, Dickens, Orwell and friggin’ Tolkien. Language so flexible, so creative. Language that has different forms depending on the social group that uses it. Different for a Kiwi, different for a Brit. Different for a German, different for an American. Different yet universal. Appreciate it. Respect it. Embrace the nuances. Cherish the fact that the word “pants” doesn’t always mean “pants” and laugh about it.

I do have to say, the hate mail you get after such accidents is hilarious. This is what I got this time: “This is my town due to the Polish dregs what pathetic Donald Tusk sent over and other eastern Europeons ?” Let’s start from the beginning. There should be no space between a sentence and its ending punctuation, whether that’s a period, a question mark, or an exclamation mark. There should also be no space before a colon, semicolon, or comma. And it is “Europeans”, not “Europeons”, I doubt this was a smart pun on your behalf, dear author. You’re too dumb to make one like that if we established that you don’t see a difference between “your” and “you’re”. Too sophisticated for you. But hey, kudos for properly spelling “Polish”. “Polish dregs what” – Polish dregs what what?!?! Come on!!! You can’t leave me hanging like this! Polish dregs what what?!?! What what what?? Or what? Oh, wait, is that “what” a “that”? Or “which”? I’m lost. Also, “eastern” refers to larger areas, I will assume you refer to the area known as Eastern Europe which means you should use capital E because it is a name of the region. Also, sending a link to increased violence in a British town is not an indication of presence of “Polish dregs”, it’s an indication that you’re a moron that doesn’t realize he just insulted himself and his fellow Brits. I’m not even going to refer to Tusk part. Pearls, swine, wasted time. Also, grow a pair and don’t send insults and then block people before they answer. Scared of being challenged? 😀

It just baffles me. How on earth you can fail at something as simple as knowing the difference between “your” and “you’re”?? Seriously, you whine about accents, you whine about the fact a foreigner doesn’t know the word you used, you whine about immigrants using different accents when UK itself recognizes over 50 OFFICIAL accents, yet you fail at your own damn language. How can you not be ashamed of failing at “your” and “you’re” when immigrants operate with conditionals, tenses and phrasals?? YOU KNOW ONE FUCKING LANGUAGE AND YOU STILL FAIL AT IT?!?! Foreigners know at least two. They make mistakes, yes, but at least they try and they usually get by. How can you NOT have the respect for your own language?? How can you not be ashamed of being corrected by a foreigner?? And you probably laugh at pronunciation of some words by foreigners too but maybe it is time to realize that they got to know this word by doing something you’re clearly incapable of – by READING! Read more, talk less, you can only win with this.

And call me grammar nazi, idgaf. Everyone makes mistakes, it happens. I make a lot of them. But at least I try to learn from them. Maybe you have a legit reason for making more mistakes than on average – which btw is nothing to be ashamed of. Dyslexia is an issue that justifies this and I have never raged at anyone who has a problem like that. I respect the fact people with dyslexia try their best. But if that is not the case – you’re just lazy, dumb fucker. It’s not rocket science, it’s “your” and “you’re” and your lack of respect for the language is stunning. You’re. You are. Your. Belonging to you. It’s. It is. Its. Possessive form of “it”. Maybe foreigners are not a problem. Maybe you are. At least foreigners try to communicate in a foreign language and maybe they make mistakes but they are so much better than you. You fail at your own language due to your own stupidity, not because of legit issues.

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