My name is Tootthie, I’m a girl in her 30s, I’m a scientist, a gamer, a geek and a nerd and I love writing. Obviously “Tootthie” is not my real name. It’s based on the name of my main gaming character, changed by my friends into something softer and nicer years ago and it kinda just stayed like that. I write about pretty much everything that interests me – from science to gaming, from software to social media. My main interests are all things aquaculture, gaming in general and technology. I don’t have a favourite genre of music, but I listen to something all the time, mainly soundtracks or rock in one of the forms. Classic rock is a lifestyle, movie and gaming soundtracks are my love. I despise pop culture,  I have a soft spot for developers and creative people of all sorts and I praise them more than rockstars or top actors.

I have a partner of few years that works in IT which leads to many funny situations because I’m a self taught IT wannabe and he sometimes gets overwhelmed with the way I do stuff. I also love to ask silly questions. “Hunny, if a server was a cake, how would you describe the way it works to me?” is my latest challenge for him. And we had silent days over CISCO’s gear (it was a router, hunny!), that’s how silly we are.

What else… I love animals and I have very strong, not necessarily warm, feelings towards people who hurt them. If I see you hurting one, you will get a taste of Tootthie’s wrath. I respect people’s views, I love to debate with intelligent people. They can have different views, we can argue, things can get heated, but in the end we agree to disagree and move on without holding a grudge. We’re still friends. I have nothing but admiration for people who can defend their views with arguments when challenged but if you go ad hominem at me when challenged, in my eyes you are a loser. If someone is proven wrong and admits it, my respect for them has no limits. I challenge myself every day, I also take into consideration the fact, that I might be wrong. I admire people with similar attitude.

But there’s limit to everything. I respect people’s right to free speech and stuff but here’s me executing the same right: if you are a sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist, xenophobic douche, you can sod off. This is not a page for you, I am not interested in debating you either. I don’t have patience to tolerate this, there is nothing that says I have to tolerate this (nor I should) and you will be called out on your bigotry if you bring it to my page. Keep your isms and phobias to your social sphere please. If the basic concept that a woman, a person of color, a gay person, a disabled person, a person from other country/of different religion… is a human being too, just like you, is too hard for you to comprehend, it’s best to say goodbye now because you are not the kind of person I want to hang out with.

Respect, accept, coexist.

All opinions stated on this blog are mine and mine only. They aren’t meant to disrespect anyone in particular so if you feel offended, it’s probably a misunderstanding. My apologies. Feel free to drop me a message with questions and I’m sure we can find a common ground.

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