Welcome to my website. Glad to see you here! 

My name is Tootthie, I’m a geek and I write. A lot. About everything.


To make things a bit more simple, this blog is divided into few parts that should make the whole experience a bit less chaotic. 

If you’re here for geeky and nerdy stuff like games, movies, comics, esports or computers – click here. I write about everything gaming related, occasionally mentioning my endless battles with IT as whole, be it hardware, software or Customer Support. No politics, everything rated E/PEGI7, lots of love for a particular gaming company (if banner is not a hint then you are not paying attention), a lot of “wow!” and quite a few “u mad bro?” moments. This is your chance to spend some time with Tootthie . Enjoy!

If you’re here for my random rants and stories from my personal life – blog is your destination. Most of blog stuff appears on my personal Facebook, here you can find some of the posts. This is a chance for you to see the real person behind the nickname. Tootthie the Real vents here, occasionally swearing here and there, oops, nothing hardcore tho.  A lot of linguistic rants, sarcasm, work related battles, a lot of “I did what?” moments can be found on the blog. I do have a distance to myself, some of the posts are a bit of *wink, wink* at you, dear Reader. Every now and then I get political, you have been warned. But worry not, I hate all politicians the same, doesn’t matter what party tag they are hiding behind. 

If you would like to learn more about who I am – click here. If you would to contact me, email, twitter and fb page are available at the bottom of the page. 

Rules here are pretty simple – you can find them here. Those rules apply to all sections of this blog, language is not the limitation. 


Enjoy and see you around!

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